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Who is the AIA?

The AIA was established in 1949 by Brigadier General Sir Wyndham Deedes, the first Chief Secretary to the British High Commissioner to Mandate Palestine, who thought that it should not be for Jews alone to support the State of Israel.

The AIA today, is an independent charity that enjoys the active support of people from different faiths and none, across the entire political spectrum.

The Association’s primary purpose is to promote wider and better understanding of Israel in the UK; to encourage exchanges between both countries at every level and generally to support activities which foster good will between British and Israeli citizens.


ריאיון עם 4 לוחמים מוסלמים במוצב כרם שלום
Staff Sergeant Yaakob Alkayan is one of many Bedouin troops stationed at IDF bases in the south; despite rising nationalistic tensions, these soldiers are committed to protecting Israel and their native Negev [...]
Sat, May 21, 2022
Source YNET
איילת ישראלי פרויקט הלב אפריקה - אימוץ יתומים בטנזניה
At 50, Ayelet Israeli found herself alone in the East African country, and in charge of 15 orphans - all completely dependent on her; since then, she has founded a charity to fund schooling for children in 'the world's backyard' [...]
Sat, May 21, 2022
Source YNET
יוסף אברמוביץ
When Yosef Abramowitz made Aliyah, he chose to settle in the middle of Arava desert valley, where he would take advantage of the scorching sun to build solar fields; now, Abramowitz is bringing that technology to rural areas of developing countries [...]
Fri, May 20, 2022
Source YNET
תרגיל הרס של חטיבת החילוץ וההדרכה
Home Front Command says many military learns from last year's May riots and in drill, focuses on providing effective response to attacks on multiple populated areas causing mass casualties and major destruction [...]
Thu, May 19, 2022
Source YNET