The Anglo-Israel Association (AIA) stands firmly and unequivocally in solidarity with citizens of the State of Israel following the 7th October terrorist massacres. The enormity of these Hamas terrorist attacks against Israel has inflicted devastating trauma on individuals, families and entire communities, and innocent civilians have had their lives violently cut short. We mourn the horrific loss of life and unite in calling for the immediate and safe return of the hostages.

The AIA is heartbroken to witness the lengths to which Hamas will go to hurt, oppress, and endanger the Palestinian Arabs in the pursuit of destroying Israel and the Jewish people. We note the British Government and the Opposition’s clear and unequivocal statements that Hamas alone bears the ultimate responsibility for the bloodshed.

As Israel continues to defend itself from the Hamas terror threat, the AIA remains fully committed to its mission to promote education in particular and information in general about Israel in the UK. At this troubling time, the need for credible and reputable information and education is critical.

For decades the AIA has fostered good-will and understanding between Britain and Israel at the highest levels of public and intellectual life through our educational activities, including organising meetings, discussions, lectures, and colloquia, and awarding scholarships and making grants to students. As a UK charity which enjoys support from across the political spectrum, from people of many faiths and none, every contribution matters to the AIA. Your investment in and support for the AIA will help us fulfil our charitable mission.