Why Support Us

Our work, as an educational charity, relates to encouraging a less shrill and more constructive public discourse about the issues relating to Israel, especially in university campuses, the media and the Church.

Our annual programme includes a briefing visit to Israel by senior clergy.  These visits have already borne fruit in that we now cooperate with Westminster Abbey and St. George’s at Windsor Castle in their briefing programmes for parliamentarians, clergy and diplomats to gain deeper understanding of Israel and the Middle East.

Briefing senior clergy in Israel gives them an accurate picture of the situation.  Clergy return with clearer views.

On the academic front, our annual Ambassadors’ Roundtable tackles the hot issues of the day whether it’s looking at renewable energy, food security or innovation in our universities.  We bring Israeli experts to meet their counterparts in the UK to share knowledge and to create business and/ or scientific relationships.

Our two educational trusts enable Israeli students to study in the UK and British students to study in Israel.  We award approximately 20 scholarships per year.

Israeli students help to counteract the vast anti-Israeli sentiment present today in most of our universities. The students are of the highest calibre and are good ambassadors for Israel.

We encourage British students to study in Israel to see for themselves what Israel is really like, they come back full of enthusiasm and with a changed perspective.  With more funds we could grant more scholarships and educate some of our future leaders.

The increasing applications for scholarships, conferences with think tanks, providing talking heads for the media, presenting evidence to parliamentary select committees all have an impact on our time and funds.

We would like to increase the number of projects we undertake in all areas; Israel needs all of our help to combat misinformation.

There are many ways in which you can help, by becoming a Member or a Patron, by making a donation.

As a registered charity we rely on our friends and supporters for funding. All donations, large or small are vital to our work. If you are interested in supporting the AIA or wish to make a donation please contact us by email at info@angloisraelassociation.com


By leaving a legacy to the AIA you will help ensure that our two educational trusts continue to enable the best Israeli students to study in British universities and for British students to study in Israel.

Firsthand experience provides these students with a broader perspective of both countries.  The Israeli students are important ambassadors for Israel and with the current stifling of free speech in many British universities, they have the opportunity to change the course to a more understanding and open arena.

British students studying in Israel see for themselves all aspects of Israeli life, they come back stimulated and with renewed opinions.

With more funding, more grants will become available to help educate more students and possibly our future leaders.

Your gift will help us to do our bit to communicate a more constructive and fair dialogue in academia, parliament, the media and the Church by increasing the number of projects we undertake.

Some examples of our recent projects include briefings by Israeli academics to the Henry Jackson Society, the BBC, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, British universities. Roundtable briefings in the House of Commons for Parliamentarians and press.  Senior clergy tours to Israel and the Palestinian Territories, Ambassadors Roundtable on technology and science, Colloquia on present day ethical questions, sponsorship of Israeli music and drama students to perform in the UK.

The number of projects we undertake is dependent on our funds, your legacy would enable us to do more.

If you would like to help, please contact us by email at info@angloisraelassociation.com