Simcha Rothman is a Member of the 25th Israeli Knesset, Chair of its Constitution, Law and Justice Committee and a member of the Religious Zionism faction of the governing coalition.

David Wolfson (Lord Wolfson of Tredegar, KC) is one of the most sought-after commercial barristers in the UK, a Member of the House of Lords and served as Minister of Justice 2020-22.

Upon taking office, Israel’s new government quickly pushed legislation which it said was aimed at reforming Israel’s judiciary. Proponents maintain this legislation is designed to rebalance the current division of power between Parliament and the Judiciary, enabling the democratically elected representatives to pursue their policies. Opponents maintain this legislation goes too far, too fast, bringing the tyranny of the majority, suppressing the rights of minorities and thereby a significant risk to Israel’s polity. The result has been strident public debate, sharp protests from diverse elements throughout the population, and concerned attention around the world.

Please join us for this live Zoom conversation at the Knesset between Lord David Wolfson KC and MK Simcha Rothman, one of the principal leaders behind the government’s judicial reform legislation.