The Anglo Israel Association has  a long-standing practice of arranging fact finding visits to Israel for senior clergy and others as a means of achieving its core charitable aims of educating and informing people about Israel.

We promote and organise delegations to and around Israel and (where possible) the Palestinian Territories for groups from the UK, which are interested in developing a three dimensional view and understanding of Israel and the region, in the hope that this will result in more sound policy-development and decision-making.

For delegates coming through the AIA, the experience will be tailor made for the delegation in question taking in the whole of Israel from the North to the South. They will commence with welcome briefings from officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Prime Minister’s office. The programme will include visits to Jewish and Christian Holy sites, Yad Vashem, tours of strategic Jerusalem and a traditional Sabbath evening at a private residence. Visits can also be arranged to Ramallah and Bethlehem, including meetings with Palestinian Leadership.

Israeli universities have been in the forefront of making Israel one of the leaders in technology and medical advances and visits with briefings can be arranged according to the group’s interest.

The all important subject of security will be discussed with visits to border security fences and briefings from high ranking members of the IDF. An overview of Gaza and a tour of Sderot to see the cache of Kassam rockets will help visitors to gain a better understanding of the problems involved.

If you would like to arrange a tour for a particular group or be a participant in one, please indicate your interest by contacting Ruth Saunders, Executive Director, The Anglo-Israel Association, PO Box 47819, London NW11 7WD Telephone 020 8458 1284 or email: info@angloisraelassociation.com