A group of 17 senior Christian clergy  led by the Bishop of Ludlow and from a variety of denominations visited Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Border from 15-24 January 2018.  They travelled throughout the region including the  Galilee, Golan Heights, the Kerem Shalom crossing, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv as well as Ramallah, Bethlehem and Rowabi. They met a wide cross section of people and heard many different voices and opinions. Below are some of the group’s quotes:

The very Rev’d Jerry Lepine, Dean of Bradford Cathedral: ‘It was, without doubt, a wonderful week. Stretching, exhausting, transforming, thought changing, challenging, moving humbling …. I could go on.  On the Sunday after our return I preached on World Holocaust Day and president of the local synagogue sang the lament. It was all too real’.

The Very Rev’d John Dobson, Dean of Ripon Cathedral

‘The added value of this particular visit was the privileged access it gave us to so many contexts, individuals and communities that together revealed something of the complexities of the ‘situation’. For me, a better grasp of geography and topography linked with the essential need to defend land and water was instructive’.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem